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Originally Posted by cardlady22
Aside from the disgraceful lack of morals, you can actually spend more per deck doing it that way! I had a panic attack when I saw how much my mother-in-law pays for a color inkjet cartridge set! Don't get me started on the custom deck I laminated using magazine/catalog photos and business card pouches!!!
But, it's so much F.U.N.!!!

In this case, you wouldn't use up your color cartridges, because you'd be printing a b/w deck.

I actually have done a bit of this - I enlarged the Light and Shadow and printed it on some heavy paper, and started watercoloring it. I never finished, but my plan was to take it back to the copy shop, reduce it, and laminate those.

The interesting thing was how the copier toner/ink resisted the watercolors. It kept the colors inside the lines. Very interesting experience. But you have to have heavier paper than usual to use watercolor effectively.

Just my $0.02
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