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Originally Posted by Aerin
@Nina - Rumi

Do you REALLY need yet another spiritual path?

Have you SEEN those borders?

Also, yet another Rider Waite clone according to the Llewelyn site.

Just no. Really, no.
But but.... that spiritual path really doesn't seem different from the one(s) I follow now.

Did I see the borders? Nah.... *off to check*

Originally Posted by Manda
Nina- The Minors of the Rumi are really, really small, I think even smaller than Medieval Cats. Most of us LOATHE keywords on our cards, well, the Rumi has keywords run all amok, in the form of poetry, yes, but they still tell you what to think. Stupid Llewellyn packaging also. We all thought the main color was going to be like an emerald green, but no, it is like a celadon color, think pureed celery.

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