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re. Bible reading - If someone is reading ANY religious material in the normal way someone reads (quietly, to oneself) and is prevented from doing so -- that's a possible legal issue. Am I going to open up a legal issue because this practice bothers someone? This is essentially the question whether the people who pose it know it or not. No, I am not.

Please don't forget -- when you reach into a nightstand in most US hotels and motels you are going to find a book. Gideons International places more than a million bibles every year in the US alone. I have *never* had a guest ask me to remove the bible from the drawer. We have had guests steal them.

My personal view? When the hour is late and someone's alone and far from home and feeling spiritually bankrupt, if that someone finds comfort in that book in that drawer we're all a little better off.

Now -- pass the popcorn

ETA: Ah, I see I didn't finish answering direwolf's question. Here's the whole sequence of events I would follow. I would kindly direct you to leave the lobby area after any necessary hotel business between you and I is completed if you are that disturbed by the sight of someone reading a bible. To complete the action on my end I would log our encounter into the "Front Desk Log" which is not unlike a Ship Captain's Desk Log and is considered legal documentation which can be subpoenaed.

(Hotel work isn't for sissies hehehe)
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