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Originally Posted by sapienza
Seeing we're kind of still on the topic of the Vacchetta.....I have the LS version, which I LOVE (I'm even ok with the green borders for some strange reason) but I feel compelled to get myself the Meneghello version as well. It looks good on the scans I've seen, but maybe I'm missing something. Anyone care to de-enable....remember, I do LOVE the LS Vacchetta (not that I'd suggest anyone else get it for reasons covered earlier by sravana ).
Just download the images and colour your own. THINK how much you will LEARN while you do it. Think of how the colours will be CHOSEN BY YOU and special and different from anyone else's and so on. Think of the satisfaction. Think of the chocolate (oops, carrots ) you can buy with all that money... why are we still discussing this ?

Nina - you don't need a deck to keep you on your spiritual path; if you did, you wouldn't be on it already, since the deck isn't out yet....
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