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Just what DO you allow and not allow in your lobby, Seafra ? Enquiring minds need to know......

Seriously - what have you actually found you really had to act upon ? Would you do anything about someone reading the bible ALOUD ? How far is a couple allowed to go in terms of - um - making out - before you ask them to go upstairs ? Where are you on visiting naturists ? This IS on topic; it is interesting to know at what point the zealous public gets told to stop being silly....

I can see asking them to stop reading cards - I'm sorry, but I do think that's fair. But what upsets the man in the street enough that you have to do something about it is fascinating - as is the fact that you could get done over for stopping someone reading the bible (I'm not saying you should stop them, just that how weird that you can't make your own rules in your own hotel. A hotel here that wouldn't allow gay couples had a long and ghastly court case brought against them.... And the hotel actually WON - on the grounds that the hotel was also the owners' home, and so they had the right not to have their personal religious beliefs infringed upon in their home. Stupid idiots - the attending publicity did them no good at all.....)
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