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Originally Posted by Seafra
You are saying that now but you weren't saying that earlier. You weren't being respectful of other beliefs IMO nor the position I am in as a manager and I see justifications here.

That isn't how you came across at all. I don't mean to browbeat you but I think you really need to go back and read what you posted. Read this entire thread with your eyes fully open. You may see things you never saw about your own opinions before. There's the possibility that in the heat of the moment you said things you didn't mean, acted 'intemperate' if you will. Text is a tough medium.

Good luck finding a spot !
i meant what i said, but text is black and white and people can misinterpret something.i simply tried to explain, and clarify what i was saying to give a bit of background and to answer peoples questions. i could have written my first email that was an essay to cover all these points but i assumed wrongly that people would understand what was said and how it was meant, next time i would write more in the first instance...but i havent changed my stance.

i stick with what i have said so far, i have just expanded on it...assumptions were made that i was saying to go into somewhere and muck rake which is not how i work, but i do stand by what i believe in....just like i would expect everyone too.

its an interesting debate, i have been pleasantly surprised by the conversations here.

The tarot book versus tarot cards was something i didn't expect to be brought up, and the fact people think its different.

A lot of readers have had bad experiences like afrosaxon when out with their cards, and that can knock you (been there).

I must agree that couples with OTT signs of affection should get a ROOM, i dont need to see a couple getting it on in a lobby when they have a room:-) but thats likely because i am cynical and single so really its my own issue!

if someone was reading a porn book with pics in a lobby, i might fell slightly uncomfortable if i could see the pics ...but i would move tables away from them as thats my issue not theirs. that person must have some balls to read a book like that in a lobby.
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