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Originally Posted by gregory
I don't refer to the HOTEL's morals; I am thinking of what a hotel should do when one guest upsets another guest - whether or not we think it reasonable for them to be upset.... By all means avoid the GUEST, but....
Anybody's morals and phobias that impinges on my freedom, Gregory. I leave, that's all there is to it. What if you start doing something innocuous that causes discomfort in another guest because they have a phobia? You would stop, of course - but would you not do it in the first place on the off-chance that someone has a phobia? Of course not. Tarotphobia is no different from any other phobia. And then - what if all the guests start insisting their own particular phobia must be respected - where do we go? How much do other guests have to be inconvenienced to accommodate the particular phobia of someone?

"I can't stand open windows" - cue to shut all windows in the hotel, to the discomfort of all the other guests.

"I hate air conditioning" - ditto.

"I have a fear of heights, even in a photograph" - so we take down the large mountain photo behind the reception desk.

Tarotphobia is no more reasonable than the above.

But as I said, I were were ever to be made to feel uncomfortable for using tarot, I wouldn't make a fuss, I would just leave and take my custom elsewhere.

Re: corners - as I said in my first post, I wouldn't read in a lobby where there is no space and everyone is on top of each other. It's not comfortable for reading tarot, or for most other activities, actually.
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