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Originally Posted by gregory
Yes - I agree it's absolutely fine as long as no-one minds. The issue was what if someone does - where is the line drawn ? I think no-one likes pushing it to the discomfort of others - I hope ?
Of course I agree with Fudugazi and 214red. But with what Gregory says ,I don't . I am hearing things like we need to set an example for the Tarot industry and how can we bring Tarot to the forefront in a positive light if we show rebelliousness towards someone asking for us not to do this. I say how can we even begin to bring the Tarot out of the dark ages if we still treat it like that in front others. By cowarding away so quick, we imply, in the name of being a good neighbor , that this is wrong and taboo. We reinforce the belief that it is “black magic” and “the devils work”.

Remember, in America not that long ago, Tattoos were considered wrong for “proper” people even though they have been around since the dawn of man. If you had a Tat , you were looked upon as a criminal, thug ect with exception of course.... Now, for the most part, its excepted in a positive light. My heart Dr. has the medical symbol on his arm. I dont think we got to that point by covering up our tats for the sake of others.

I do want to emphases that I am not talking about getting in someone face and starting a brawl over this. I would simply question why I was being ask to put my cards up and go from there. Was someone upset.? Was I being loud? Or was I just being. If we could not resolve this I would complain to the highest authority and go from there. My comment on a previous post about being thrown out was just a figure of speech, but I certainly would not roll over like a good dog because of ignorance. Ignorance breeds fear
and fear breeds insecure children of the night...And thats what we reduce our selfs to when we succumb to the comfort of others for their ignorance.
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