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You make a good point, Welf.

As a matter of fact, many Wiccans regard tarot cards as their religious material, sanctified and consecrated on their altars and used for spiritual purposes, which include divination. Wicca is a valid religion, recognised as such. Equally, followers of the Golden Dawn and Thelema use tarot cards as religious material, along with others materials. They place the cards on the Tree of Life. It is as quiet and meditative as it comes, as an activity.

One day there will be a law case about this in America (as there is about everything else ). There was about the pentagram on the veterans' gravestone, which the army objected to - and Wicca won.

And once again, comparing the quiet laying down of cards to carrying out loud and obtrusive spiritual activities is absurd. I really don't get your point at all, Seafra - in New England or anywhere else. I have read cards in hotel lobbies in Washington and in Virginia DC and had absolutely no problem. If your lobby is as cramped as you make out, then I wouldn't even want to read there, it would obviously be inappropriate and uncomfortable. But not because it's tarot.

BTW, OT - if there are religious laws, would you not be prosecuted for stopping the Muslims from praying?
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