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Originally Posted by Fudugazi
They don't pray out loud.
Legally that doesn't matter. In the eyes of the law they are praying. Prayer in a public place has legal stipulations.

Maybe it is an American thing. We (the ubiquitous we) Americans are an uptight lot about many things. Even more so where I live.

Personally I was an out-loud activist out to change the world during the Vietnam War era. Now I think it's great that there actually are places that people can read tarot in public and I think my generation helped to create that possibility. Now I'm a manager of a hotel. End of story.

Daughter just came in and is offering me a nice cup of coffeeee. I love coffee and am taking her up on it. Actually she didn't offer but she read this over my shoulder and is laughing now..

BTW she has a degree in Hotel Management Human Resources. She said to quote this line: "Personal hobbies are to be kept personal not public" and that's the official hotel credo -- religious practices fall under hobbies.

I'll be baaaack.
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