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Originally Posted by direwolf336
I understand your view as a manager..I am asking about the owners of the hotel you work at. Have you ever asked them their views on this?
Based on her earlier comments, I think she is very clear about where her employers would stand on this scenario.

Businesses aren't there to raise social consciousness, for the most part - they are there to make profit and that does mean appealing to the majority. The business models they use can vary - and certainly other companies choose different criteria, get a different sort of clientele and do very well. But Seafra is there to promote and maintain the standards her employers have set, not to be an activist for Tarot.

As a customer, she'd do the same as most of us - quietly take her business somewhere else. As an employee she is representing her employers choices. And to just toss this out - are you engaging in Tarot activism at your workplace, regardless of how your employer and coworkers feel about it? Because essentially that is what this line of questioning is asking of Seafra.

In terms of suggestions for you in finding a place - the key here is to ask ahead if its a privately owned location... so you call Seafra's hotel, she tells you no and you move onto the next number in the Yellow Pages. Or you find a quiet spot in a park (if it's less windy than it is where I live). Coffee shops are generally amenable - though you (again) may want to ask ahead even if you approach it in a matter of fact way such as asking if they have any corner tables that would be fairly private - they'll still let you know if they'd prefer you just not come at all but you're not directly asking, if it bothers you to have to.

If it is a public spot with tables, I prefer booths over tables for the slight noise buffer and increased visual privacy. If you both sit on the same side of the booth, it can be done very discreetly which the client is likely to prefer.

Other thoughts that have been suggested... Seafra mentioned libraries which I've never thought of but could work nicely especially if it is during non-busy hours.
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