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You don't mess with the ACLU. If I stopped someone from reading a bible in the lobby -- and I kid you not -- both myself and the owner could be sued for interfering with their rights. BUT if they read it ALOUD they are infringing on my rights and I can stop them without worry of legal action.

I kid you not.
Fair enough.. and to be honest, if I were to stay at your hotel, even though I may personally not believe it was right, and I was asked to not read my Tarot cards, I would gracefully pack them away without feelings of malice. Mainly because, I see no point in getting my knickers in a twist and upsetting myself and everyone else by choking up and making a fuss about it...Though admittedly, I have never been asked to put my cards away so far, but I know myself well enough as to what I would do given I was put in such a situation... Life is easier if you can keep it simple I reckon...

But having said that, I live in an area that is almost the opposite to where you are. It's quite alternative, almost hippy like, and lay back and we have plenty of New Age shops as well as Food Coops where they sell all sorts of local and non local organic foods etc... The main town (village), about 17 kilometers away, has a Winter Solstice Festival every year where the main town is closed down for a day and much of the night to traffic etc... Though I'm not Wiccan, I will, like almost everyone else, get dressed up and join the parades and fun... and then spend the night listening to alternate type bands and dancing my head off like a twit.. People come from everywhere just for that, it's fantastically feral, with the Feel Good Pure Living People (as I call them) mixing with the Rough Nuts...

Same as, our local little shops, just a couple of kilometers away, about 12 shops, has a New Age shop where I can get insence, books, candles, Oracle and Tarot cards and the like, at a reasonable price. Our local Post Office also sells good insence and pure oils... Can have a coffee there and talk to whoever lobs up and is looking like they want a chat and enjoy the bushland surrounds...

So, you see, it's not that easy for some of us to understand such restrictions about Tarot cards, hard to see why really..... Good fun for you though, enjoy your coffee with your daughter seafra... : )

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