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Originally Posted by Grizabella
The original question was direwolf336's issue about finding a place for a reading for her friend. The majority of posts in this thread, though, have consisted of stomping on Seafra for saying she'd ask someone to stop reading Tarot in the lobby of her hotel, not because she objects to it personally but because of the policies of the hotel owner. We're really getting nowhere and I think we should have long ago redirected the thread back to the original question.

Does anyone have any suggestions for direwolf?
I can agree to that. It certainly has gone from a innocent question to a flame of rights and beliefs, including myself in that. I would like to know more on what the general Tarot community thinks about reading in public vs private. Now for me I have been able to use my house for the few I have done, but again I couldn't at the time...but its more about the belief of the average Tarot reader that I am interested in...Though the park is a excellent idea idea for future reference.
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