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Originally Posted by 214red
what if you dont shuffle , i dont always because i have had the mortification of my cards flipping from my hands and forming an arrow at a guys feet in a coffee shop.
i don't usually point to the cards because the cards are for me to read, they dont need to know why i think what i do.
so if its a non-shuffling, non-card pointing reading....really it looks like a normal girlie gossip....would you still say its more intrusive?

am simply curious
Well if it's that non-intrusive, no one will even notice. Right? I guess my point is, what's going to infringe on others' awareness and therefore whatever prejudices or emotional reactions they have toward Tarot. And of course, right or wrong, the property owner's rules. But I have to wonder why any one guest's emotional reactions are so much more important than any others. You clearly have strong emotions regarding your right to read Tarot where you want. Those are valid feelings too. It's not really up to me to say whether you should try to get away with it even where you know there are rules against it. That's up to you. In my opinion, reading Tarot harms no one. It's only others' reactions to it that seem to cause trouble.

I try to consider how my actions will affect others. Though I'm not a Buddhist, I believe strongly in the idea of right actions, and in considering others in my actions.

But I think that has also in some cases been carried so far that it infringes deeply into the right of those doing the acting -- such as gay rights to marry, etc. People get upset over the strangest things -- things that are none of their business. While I can see a hotel owner trying to keep guests happy, I wonder if it's so important when those guests are wrong, getting upset over things that are none of their business.

I think people as individuals have to ultimately decide these kinds of things for themselves.

And who am I to judge? I know that some of my past actions have hurt or upset others. I don't think any of us is saintly enough to have escaped that. It's just something I try to avoid, within reason.

Something that occurred to me yesterday when I posted was that property rights were violated during the Civil Rights Movement, when black students decided to sit themselves down at all-white lunch counters, and so forth. We applaud that now. But I'm not sure I'd even begin to compare the right to read Tarot with what they were demonstrating for. Still, the thought occurred to me.
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