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NevadaI have to wonder, too, now that we've discussed how intrusive and in-your-face a Tarot reading can be, how much that reading in a crowded place really is ignored and left alone. Might there not be curious, prying eyes and ears among that noisy crowd?
I've been wondering about that too... Some people have excellent hearing, beyond the normal range. I know some sit in coffee shops and listen to conversations around them as idle entertainment. Something to do while having a coffee alone and contemplating life, or simply out of boredom.

I know for myself, if anyone came close to the table if I was reading for someone, I would feel uneasy and clam up, mostly to protect privacy. So if I was in the middle of explaining something, no matter how carried away I was, I would put the brakes on and once the person finished walking past, that's it... the main focus is gone and down the gurgler...

Then I thought up of another senario... Where I live our local coffee shop has a few tables and chairs outside for those who want the outside feel or to smoke... Okay, during the slow time of day virtually noone is there... But what if someone was to turn up and sit at the table right next to us.. Then what?

I'm half way through a reading, regardless if that person at the next table was a stranger to me, I still wouldn't be able to focus anymore thinking they could be listening... In addition, I would have no clue really, if that person may be known in some way to the person I'm reading for (could be their doctor for all I knew). So what do we do? Pack the cards up and move to another table out of earshot only to have the same thing happen again?

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