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Well if your friend felt it was too personal to do in a have to respect that. But it's not that big a deal to me.

I once met up with another AT member who as visiting my city. We went out to restaurants a few times and each brought with us decks that we each had the the other was interested in but did not have yet.

After we ate, each time we put all our decks down on the table on a scarf, and we started pulling them all out and looking them over. We ended up doing each other readings, that went quite well I remember and even trading a few decks.

It was a lot of fun, but not a big deal otherwise. It did not feel too personal to me. A few people looked, as can be expected as you don't see that kind fo thing going on near you in a restaurant every day. The waitress came over afterwards to tell us she was fascinated by what we were doing, and to ask some questions. I even gave her my business card after.

Mostly it was just a lot of fun, there were certainly nothing negative in it in my experience of it.

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