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As for the ethics of it, I would not do it in a place where I thought it might be offensive to others. IF it was, I would stop immediately and yes even apologise for any pain I caused and tell them it had not occured to me anyone might feel thay way but I do respect them and will put my deck away now. And I would wish them all the best.

I do believe that we are all equal and have equal rights. Because of that the way I see it is that if I wanted to read in a public place, but someone else would be bothered by it, they win.

To me, in a case like that the person whose pain would be strongest should get their way. We are all exactly equal. What that means to me is that while no one is more important than us, it also means that we ourselves are also not more important than anyone else. So that is how I judge it, the person whose need is greatest should win, and things should be done their way.

In reality, it is not hurting me one bit not to read right then and there. I will do an infinite number of more readings in my lifetime. Does it really matter at then end of my life if I had done 99,005 readings or 99, 004? What's one more or less really? What will matter to me though at the end of my life is how kind I was to the others I came in contact with in my life. To me that is the essense of how I see the meaning of life.

For me, I can always easily just pick up my deck and go somewhere else to read and no real harm done to me. But to inflict discomfort on someone who is really bothered by would cause them more pain if I go on and do it, than it would cause me to stop and do it elsewhere. it's that simple to me.

It is not a need in me to do it at that exact moment in time no matter what. But it might well be a need in them that I stop.

That is what I feel is fair. The one who would suffer most should get their way. And some people really are quite bothered by it. It may not be logical and we all may know that there is nothing negative in Tarot. But we do live in a world where not everyone knows that. And some are truly scared and troubled by it.

It's like if you imagine how you would feel if someone was doing something that you found truly upsetting right next to you while you were eating and would not stop. If you would not like that feeling or how that feels to you, then to me it is not right to make others feel that way. Not to mention the karma of all that.

When I was a child and my parents were bringing us up, they talked A LOT about freedom and licence. And the gist of that lesson is that you have the absolute right to do anything you want in your life, AS LONG AS you are not hurting others or causing them pain by your actions. Once your actions are causing another pain, you no longer have that right. Not hurting others comes first. That is in my upbringing so it is who I am.

Well those are my personal thoughts and beliefs on that,

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