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Originally Posted by direwolf336
Well I think to me thats one of my points. I would sit and tolerate it if someone else was doing something I didn't care for or like. We have all been in that situation...But to complain is a waste of time and energy when you know its such a small moment in your life.

I don't like to see woman breast-feed in public. I feel its a very private situation and, in fact, makes me a little uncomfortable However, I do not complain because I feel they have that right...I just forget about it and go with my business.

So I guess I feel the same for me. If I am doing something that someone else finds uncomfortable or offensive, then deal with and worry about the real issues in your world. Don't waste your time making a big deal about it...Most of the times it really isn't a big deal.
I guess if it gets to the point that someone feels the need to complain, it is a big deal to them.

It depends on how much it bothers you. I'd rather people don't breast feed in public too. I'm not even a private person that much by nature, but that to me is a very very private stituation. And it would really bother me if I was sitting next to my bf and this woman has a breast out. At that point I'd get up and walk out. And if he wants to stay my bf it would be a good thing for him to follow me and not stay there and gawk.

This may be getting off topic, but to me of course women have the right to feed their babies. If the baby needs to eat, it needs to eat and you can't expect them to not feed them. The child has a right to eat.

But it also seems to me that there is always somewhere private where there are only women to do it nearby, even if it is just a washroom. So whether they have the right to do it in public, I'm not so sure of that. No one did that in public in my lifetime until fairly recently and babies were still getting fed. To me its a right only if there is really no other way. If there is another way to do it, then it should be done that other way to me. And there must be becasue I have only seen women breast-feeding in public two times in my life.

Back to Tarot though, some people really are scared of it.
and seeing something that you don't want to see is somewhat different than actually being scared by something someone is doing next to you. If you're scared it's not a small moment in your life, but an important one.

Anyway those people are in the minority thankfully and the time we read in the busy restaurant it did not bother anyone at all.

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