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I'd fight for a woman's and baby's right to breastfeed, anywhere, before I'd put up as much fight to let someone read a book or read Tarot.

Breastfeeding is the most natural and healthiest way to feed a baby, and everyone has a right to eat when they need to eat, especially little ones. I think what makes us uncomfortable about it is the fact that our culture has made the breast exclusively a sexual object, forgetting its purpose. We're trained to see it as sexual even when it's not presented or used that way.

I disagree with the expectation that breastfeeding should be done in a washroom. There are regulations about the distance of kitchens from restrooms, barriers between them, and so forth in most public health codes that govern restaurants, for sanitary reasons, yet we expect a baby to take its nourishment in a restroom? Would any adult want to be told they have to eat in the restroom? I've seen people with table manners that upset me more than any baby breastfeeding.

Most women I've known who breastfeed try to be discreet, and if they must feed in public most use a blouse or blanket for cover. But then I wouldn't want to have to eat with a blanket over my face either. I think that neither mom nor baby should be expected to stay out of sight. And if they're expected to, why don't more places have private, comfortable places for babies to be fed?

But as SunChariot said, that's getting off topic.

I think the fact that some people don't complain when they see something they don't like and others complain loudly is mostly about control. There are those people who will always speak up and complain, even if someone's actions aren't their business, and they're unfortunately the ones that people in Seafra's position are attempting to appease. If you ask me, they're the sh**t stirrers, not someone who breaks the rule and takes out Tarot cards. The complainers are unfortunate for the rest of us, because our lives come more and more under the complainers' control.

Wow, I guess I've come almost full-circle on this issue in the past twenty-four hours. Still, I'm the kind of person who prefers privacy, and to follow the rules, so it won't likely be me who breaks out Tarot cards in the hotel lobby. It will be someone with a lot more courage and perhaps reason to do so. But if anyone bothers my friend and her baby about breastfeeding I might get a little feisty.
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