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I agree with Seeking1 about the 8 of Pentacles. A very disturbing shop selling very disturbing stuff. I have always had a great fear of Victorian porcelain-headed dolls because they ARE alive and staring at me behind my back, plotting their evil business.
The Devil - I am not sure if this figure is giving an evil drug or taking blood/life essence, but either way this is another great fear of mine.
Page of Wands - as mentioned before on this thread, a ghost child, reminding me in tone if not exact period or context, of the film "The Others".
9 of Cups - this young man is definitely the "hero" of some story by Lovecraft, maybe even Charles Dexter Ward.
10 of Cups - The whole family are possessed, particularly the Father; the Mother is clearly very wary of him.
Page of Cups - Why are wan, skeletal Victorian girls so scary? Why do they never seem at all innocent?
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