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Dave's Step 17:3

We are asked to:
1) Watch for subtle physical reactions as you turn over each card.
2) Keep in touch with that spontaneious sensation as you focus on what you are experiencing inside.
3) Wait until something comes into awareness.
4) Describe it with gestures, words or noises. How does it feel? What is wanted? What is needed?
5) From others, watch for a physical reaction, tell them what you saw.

I picked up my old friend, the Fey FOOL. Sitting in my desk chair, my hands went up about face high, palms outward. Ahaa. A smile. The Fool's complete astonishment at finding the jack-o-lantern/pumpkin-face always excites me. I consider this card the most innovative Fool card ever created.

Two faces, face to face. One glowing, scouring, radiating warm light. The other face reflects that light, a wondrous and puzzled look is amplified by the poised hand at his throat. I wonder if the many keys are jangling and disturbing the Fool's sense of astonishment. Does the pumpkin feel hot? Will he keep it and carry it with him, it is dark around him? It is easy to picture the Fool coming upon this glowing pumpkin but it's impossible to imagine what he'll do next as he is completely spellbound by his finding. The space between the two faces seems "tense" in some way.

Next, I drew the Fey SUN card, a Fey sits on a hay-covered hillside with billowing clouds above, in the glow of a large sun. This is a "memory" card, carrying me back to the fields and woods near where I lived at 14 years of age. That place had a large pine tree and a couple of cedar or arbor-vitae like trees, a circle of stones, all on a little rise of land that was more clear than treed, with stone walls near by. I would go there, sit in the sun and whittle on some wood. Pine's make a very special noise as the wind moves through them, very calming, a soft whooshing almost hushed to a quiet level. That moving noise or breath of air, the warm sun, the smell of wood, the hard stones all contributed to a special solitude. This Fey enjoys his solitude also, along with the warmth --- you can almost smell the field. This card wants you to sit back in the chair and stop typing. By rubbing my palms over my closed eyes I can almost go back to that private spot, and I can actually sense a surrounding area of cedar smell and noise and warmth and hardness with softness mixed in.

In Tai Chi class we learned a yoga ritual of sequentially touching our thumb, using each hand, to our index finger and associating it with a calming event out of our life's experiences, then the same for each succeeding finger. The above Sun card needs to be added into that ritual. Any extra fingers?

This has been a softer way to link into our cards. At least for me. I hope each of you have such nice experiences. I've attached images of these two cards. Dave.
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