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Hi I am new one on this great forum and I like this Deck very much. I would like to add some words to this card if you do not mind.

The first thing is evident to me - dresses of these two persons.
If you look at sleeping girl's dress you will see OWL. Head, two round eyes, wings and even skirt is look like Owl Feathers.
OWL is the bird of the night. it is symbol of wisdom, care, the Moon and Death.

If you look at Devil's dress you will see green field of red flowers. It is POPPY field. He is OPIUM. Even Devil's head is look like ripe opium head with long red lock of hair like fresh poisonous red juice of opium which is inhaled by the sleeping girl.

The LOVE is a DRUG which deprives us back of reason, wisdom (blue dress). Under its influence we are becomming blind (eyes of the black girl are closed) and deff (owl is considered like deff bird). We do not want to listen to anyone and do not want to see the truth when we fallen in love or in passion.
It makes our vigilance sleepy.

We open to him/her our heart and our soul, we become opened and defenceless. (Opened body)

We are forced to dissolve in our partner under the passion and we addict to the partner as to a drug (material world, material thing in gred-red dress), we get to dependence, addiction ( Black girl embraces Red one), we cannot live without this person in spite of the fact that we understand this person and this love destroy us, and leads to the death. (An Owl is the symbol of Death).
At least we even can not notice how we lose ourselves as we get to a trap which postpones us from an external world, we lose sense of time and space and we are in the unreal world (the Moon in the sky). It is illusion of happiness. We are in darkness (Black hair).
Syringe = Ace of Swords. It is not a secret, close people, we love most of all, bring us the most severe pain, they beat, harm us to the weakest place (the Devil does a syringe prick with RIGHT hand to the LEFT shoulder of the Owl girl).

P.S Sorry for my English. It is not my native language, I hope you understand I am talking about.
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