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Hi, Thirteen!
Nice to meet you too.

Yes you are right I was wrong with skirt. its Devil's knee.

But first sight glanced to this card made me OWL outlook. I even had not any hesitation when I told about owl. I misunderstood with things they belong to but is not it miracle? it is illusion made by artist in form structure.
I saw eyes and beak of this bird on girl's breast, blue wings and body ...that I mistakenly draw out of Devil. Combined together they gave me the picture of the owl.

Realy I do not know what to say because I made a picture in my head and I was sure in logic sequence of my thoughts due to this card. It was seemed like all pazzles made on their places.

The only explanation can be in Owl nature that belongs to the Moon origin. Two sides of the moon - wisdom and death.
Wisdom is belong to the Blue dress girl and she dies on the Devils knee.
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