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No, you're right, Surya, it's possible to see an owl's face in the girl's dress. I am not sure if Alex put that there deliberately - he likes to hide things in images sometimes. Edited to add - no, I don't think it's deliberately put there, I think it just happened.

The dress is actually patterned with peacock feathers - to me, it was about vanity and pride leading one towards the devil. But yes, this card is also very much about love, and the kind of unhealthy passion that lures you into giving up self-control. The devil's wings seem to be shielding and protecting the sleeping girl (or has she passed out in a drugged stupor?) But there is a hard claw at the end of the wing-tip. The wings are not really protecting the girl - in fact, they are enclosing and trapping her, but she has not realised the danger as she's lost in some false dream.

By the way, welcome, it's nice to see someone from the Ukraine here - Alex is from Yalta.
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