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Bohemian Gothic-The High Priestess

Our High Priestess is robed in her traditional blue, a satin cloak with stunning needle work of what seem to be leaves, as if she's wearing falling leaves. Underneath is a pomegranate red gown, purple sleeves and white gloves. She is, in fact, covered from head-to-toe, only her face revealed, giving us that traditional feel of her as nun-like. The untouchable and likely secluded lady. She sits between the traditional black and white pillars, but this is the Bohemian Gothic deck and so they are topped with skulls.

What is most interesting is what she holds in her hand. Maybe others can make it out better, but so far as I can tell it's a crystal vial--but a very odd one as it's attached to a gold rod. This makes it resemble a key. A key of any sort is certainly apt for the HPS, who holds the key, the answers to all mysteries. In this instance, the vial holds a red liquid that is undoubtedly blood. Blood is the key to life, and the key to much of this deck. It feeds the vampires, carries drugs through the veins, summons the demons, is the "key" element in magic spells, and is essential to any kind of sacrifice, holy and unholy alike.

This "key" of blood replaces the HPS's traditional scroll of knowledge. She gazes at it as if into scrying mirror, either because it tells/shows her secrets or because she's waiting to consume it and gain all its secrets. Perhaps it is a vial of very special blood from someone or something very special. In any case, the red color reminds me of both pomegranates and menstrual blood, elements of the traditional HPS.

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