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Originally Posted by baba-prague
By the way, welcome, it's nice to see someone from the Ukraine here - Alex is from Yalta.
Thank you I am glad to greet you too!

Originally Posted by Thirteen
Whoops! I was completely wrong! Surja, you were right. Our woman in blue/violet is Owl and Peacock, including feathers. Good call.

Thanks for answering that, Karen!

You are great! Your point is right!
We have just seen two sides of this card.
Really you have seen, if it is correctly to say due to such card like Devil, you have seen the BRIGHT side of this card.
I have seen the DARK side.

Peacock is the symbol of the Sun, the day, immortality, life, light. (It was considered Peacock meet never spoilt.)
Owl is the symbol of the Moon, death, darkness.
It is Dual nature of this card and the Deck in the whole.

I think in each card there will be the same dual symbols.

Actually in this card the border between Life and Death is looked like illusion. The edge between of these two concepts is too thin and sharp.

Addict person can not be considered like Dead person but she/he is Dead for real life. Such person does not life full life, she/ he is always on the edge.
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