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There is Old legend. Once upon a time there were forest Gods were suffered of Wolf's robbery and lawlessness. Forest Gods have complained to the Supreme God, and asked Him for protection from wolves. Supreme God tried to agree Wolves first. But Wolves' Chief told they would not stop to kill animals and they were going to make their power even stronger.
Supreme God has become anger and have punished this Wolves' Chief. God made Moon road and placed this Wolf on it and was sent to the Moon surface, separated him from his group forever.
The God forced this Wolf to eat not MATERIAL, PHYSICAL BODY but the LIFELESS SPIRIT OF THE MOON.
Since the peace in the forest has been established but every night all wolves howl on the Moon greeting their Chief.
This card reminded me one Movie with Michelle Pfeiffer I saw in my childhood. I do not remember its Movie name. But you should know it. The girl and her boyfriend were turned to wolves in order they could be Humans only at night. They suffered because in they morning they have to become animals again.

The same feeling in this card. It is Moon, it is fatal feeling which cannot be mutual because of certain circumstances.

There is the wolf behind Girl's back. She is Werewolf. She came out of forest in order to meet HIM. She has a feeling he is here. He is on the Moon. Moon is on girl's head and the same Moon in the Sky. She recognized him. Shine of the Moon reflects in Her Soul. You can see reflection of towers in the river.

She joined him with feeling and love (2 rings in the long hear). Charming play of the minstrel led her to him. Minstrel is sitting of the green Cup = Ace of Cups. it is spiritual connection with Moon. His song fulfilled her with feeling of love and sadness at the same time, because she knows that this meeting is only for night. But this meeting will give her forces to live to the next night.

2 trees = 2 of wand. It will be difficult meeting because Moon in the Sky is to far to reach. It is illusion of meeting. She is too small in comperison of with infinity of the world she can not influence on. It is powerless in the face of the severe validity and circumstances. Morning comes. She turned her face to it. It is time to leave. it is time to become wolf again and come back to the forest.
White wolf is howling last time to the Morning Sun. it is painful Wolf's melancholy and sorrow that something was lost.
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