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Originally Posted by Surja76
This card reminded me one Movie with Michelle Pfeiffer I saw in my childhood. I do not remember its Movie name. But you should know it. The girl and her boyfriend were turned to wolves in order they could be Humans only at night. They suffered because in they morning they have to become animals again.
The Movie is called Lady Hawk.

The lovers are under a curse, one where the man becomes a wolf at night, and the woman becomes a hawk during the day. So they only get a brief chance to be together at sunrise and twilight where, for a split second, they're both human. During the day, the man rides with his "lady Hawk" and during the night the woman roams with her wolf.

And yes, there is certainly something plaintive and sad about the wolf's howling, whether it's howling for it's chief on the moon, or howling because it must be a wolf during the night, and this is the only way that it can ever be with its lady.
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