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how I see this card in reading

The Moon gives a coolness in the relationship. It gives us shines but not warmness. It can illuminate your path but if it is right path, of feelings and emotions. If you go on the path of Mysticism, Mantica, poetry, the moon may lead you to the righteous path of learning and success. You can find a soul mate among the people of creative Bohemia. It is a symbol of poets, painters, artists.
But In love, I think this card can represent deception and self-deception, when your partner is only seemed to be loved by you, or you are just seemed to be loved by your partner, it is illusion of love. You seemed to find the right person who reflects your inner world but in reality this person is not the same you imagined before, he made you fooled or these relationships are under some outer circumstances you can not influence on. You feel longing and disappointment becasue of this. You can love this man, being addicted to him/her, but you can not touch him/her or talk to, call to. They feel an attraction to each other, but relations can not be long time or there is something hidden in them.
The Moon is the symbol of Death, perhaps the person you love is dead and you have only bitter memories of him, or he just mentally died for you soul or in your heart and the only pain made by him is left.
Moon is a symbol of femininity and its changing nature of her mood that can be a dreamy joy, or melancholical, whimsical.
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