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Originally Posted by Surja76
If you go on the path of Mysticism, Mantica, poetry, the moon may lead you to the righteous path of learning and success. You can find a soul mate among the people of creative Bohemia. It is a symbol of poets, painters, artists. But In love, I think this card can represent deception and self-deception
Agreed. Which is why I brought up the man in the background there. I know you see the love affair between woman and wolf, and I think that's as valid a story as any for this card. The wolf certainly may have been or may still be the woman's lover. I, however, think the woman is too cool to be that involved with the wolf. She seems more like Diana-the-Huntress. Who is also The Moon Goddess and, sometimes, Hecate, the Goddess of ghosts and the cross-roads (the most mystical aspect of the Moon).

I'm not sure, but I think the man in the background is playing pipes. Which fits with the idea of artists and poets who follow the path of the Moon. It also echos our howling wolf. Man and wolf are similar in that they can both sing to the moon, yet even as the Moon listens to their song, she remains unmoved.

As you say, the Moon offers no warmth, and so falling in love with it is dangerous. The reflection of the villa in the water reminds us that the Moon is all about illusions and deception. Also drowning in emotions.

I think this card is terrific in presenting all the traditional elements of the usual Moon card, and yet going even farther with it.
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