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Originally Posted by baba-prague
I'll just add that for us, the figure playing the pipes in the background is Pan - who of course is the source of the word "panic" - it suggests panic attacks, anxiety, and mental disturbance.
Nice! Also the word for "pasture" and, therefore, "pastoral" like your image there. And Pan relates to the forest. Thus we have Pan, Wolf and Diana as forest deities in this image suggesting nights of wild hunts, prey and predator on all levels, including the hunt for sex, love, and death.

I also like that Pan's wild, lustful side (sex) harmonizes with the feral side of the wolf (death). There are many ways that one can go wild under the moon, and the two are a marvelous contrast to the seemingly cool control of the woman and the peaceful villa. We get most clearly the suggestion that beneath the surface--right behind us, or below the waist in Pan's case--are raw, animal inclinations. This is suggested, as well, by the ocean inlet as well which is calm seeming, but on the edges is breaking waves.

It reminds me of that idea: that civilized people will do the most uncivilized things by the light of the moon. What they'd never do during the day, from wild affairs to murder, they'll do at night with only the moon to witness it.

All your cards have wonderful layers, but I think you outdid yourself with this one.
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