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Originally Posted by Thirteen

In any case, the red color reminds me of both pomegranates and menstrual blood, elements of the traditional HPS.
You are right with your point of view. It is the same you think.

She is in white gloves and she is looking at this bloody wand like at something sacred, wand is gold and gold is pure metal. She looks like nurse taking something only with clean hands or gloves.
She is innocent but ready to physical sexual relationships and she think if she need to make this step or not.
As I mentioned she take is with clear hands like something very special, so that this special can belong only to the special man. She is collective with men.
She put her forefinger to the head, she thinks how to dispose treasure she has, who will be that one she will belong to. Her head cover is something near marine and green. She is smart and logic girl.
She looks like cocoon in her navy blue cover. It is her knowledge has has got, but it is only theory but not practice. Her it means her knowledge is not useful for common real life. Her sleeves are of violet color of Death - means Dead books knowledge.And else, in my Country people say - white hands or white gloves - it means that girl can do nothing with housekeeping. Her hands and movements are seemed to held down.

In readings:
It is too close to traditional meaning of the girl of has grown up in traditional family like hothouse plant on books and fairy-tales, and who does not know how to use her knowledge in practice. She is looking for prince on the white horse, who should come himself to her house and pick her up. But she does not do nothing to make the first step herself to meet him, she is lazy and inactive.
But men do not look at her, because she is cold, closed and clamped. Guys do not like to potter with such girls. It is necessary to stand on ceremony with them much.
Ste is not easy and social. She can not live with full life like Empress can.

In its best meaning Hight Priestess can be a little girl, minor teenager who just discover her sexuality and is not allowed to date High School guys being punished by her parents because of her age. And who should be under the parents influence till her 16 or 18.

But from the other side:
This card belongs to the mantic, mystic and it is close to tarolog's profession, so that this card is more positive in this meaning. High Priestess keeps sacred knowledge not all pleople can be devoted to. It is something she keeps in a secret and can open only if she decide other person is ready or worthy to be shared with it.
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