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Originally Posted by swimming in tarot
Just quickly popping in; I won't have LOTS of time until tomorrow and onward, but I thought I'd write what I see.

The Magician has unusually thick hair, worn loose and collar length. He has black lipstick on. Gold thread embroidery on his red satin gown shows, to me, a pair of birds with their wings spread, beaks open, and some sort of crest on the head; swallow-tailed, long-legged, individual toes not shown. The Magician has long, but not abnormally long, slender fingers with ghastly long white nails (personal peeve about excessively long nails). A ring with a large black stone is on the middle finger of his left hand; a smaller ring is on the ring finger of the left hand. The table is draped in what looks like an oriental rug. The sand in the hourglass has only just started to pour; lots of time left, relatively speaking. That thing making coloured smoke...??? Maybe we're not supposed to recognize it as any particular "thing". Anyhow, I don't have one in my living room, or if I do, it doesn't do THAT! It seems to sit on a base like a crystal ball does, for example, but it also seems to have a matching base-shape serving as a lid, visible over and to the left of the glowing mass, which may have opened this lid by expanding its glowing self, and perhaps is about to shuck it off. Not sure.

Interesting views. is it something look like Raven?
I think you are right.
As to sphere i have compared it with a helmet with a visor, medieval knights put on the same.
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