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Interesting points have been mentioned! These are my musings, which I am not trying to tie in with anyone else's at this moment. I realize I am expressing myself poorly, and will likely do a massive re-write later. Probably none of this is what the deck creators intended.

In this deck the High Priestess looks to me like a link between the Magician and the Empress not just numerically, but conceptually. Maybe it's like this in all decks, but only in this one does it strike me that she's about to change religion, as it were!

To try to explain: she looks dressed like a nun in mystical oriental robes, white gloves between her and the dirt of the world, heavy on the thinking, light on the doing. The Magician has all kinds of theoretical knowledge, too (which he does use, true enough). This HP sits in front of the usual black and white pillars, topped with skulls--which to me suggests that the knowledge she has is from the canon of dead authors who wrote on dry parchment, illustrating all kinds of sacred geometry, mystical ciphers, and correspondences, but nothing from the manifest world.

We have interrupted her in her contemplation of a vial of red liquid--could be pomegranate juice, but is probably blood, quite likely her own. She meets our eyes: some sort of understanding has occurred to her about the red liquid, and by looking at us, she confirms it. Usually the HP holds a rolled scroll, a spiral thing. This vial also contains, I am sure, spiral things of a different kind: double helices; DNA. Sacred geometry of a different kind. Magical, mystical, un-reinventable, and therefore more mysterious than all the invented arcana that she has been studying. It is the messy magic of the Empress that has our young HP in awe; she has made a new discovery in the mystery of Life and Death, blood and pomegranates. Perhaps she has never seen blood in all of her young, cloistered life: the archivist's white cotton gloves even protect from papercuts! She realizes that she not only does she hold the key to the mysteries in her mind; she also holds them in her body.

(She looks in our eyes and sees another living, flesh and blood person: someone, perhaps, with whom to mingle DNA to make new DNA, and partake in the highest magic. I think she is having a Moon moment, and might step out of the cloisters, tonight! Or is my mind still on the Moon card?)

I'm not sure what to make of her very colourful robes and very pale face. She could just have librarian's pallor, or she could be pale from a little loss of blood. The deep blue outer robe and red inner robe remind me of the vestments of the Virgin Mary; the outer purity, and the inner passion. Perhaps this HP is just discovering her passion, and is on the brink of life in all its messiness? I can't make much sense out of the figures on the blue robe, or relate any meaning to the teal headcloth or purple sleeves.
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