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Originally Posted by nisaba
Argh! And there was me, thinking you were intelligent! Surely there are enough Riders in print at the moment already! Stop encouraging them - they'll only print more! <runs away screaming
Ha. Well, it's still in my shopping cart, but I haven't bought it yet. And I don't know if I will (oh, my aching REPUTATION!)... but if I need a consolation prize or something, I may punch the "check out" button.

You guys haven't done a very good job of deenabling that Golden Rider. FWIW. Just sayin...
Originally Posted by magpie9
I had it, and traded it away. It shuffles like bar coasters, only not as well. It look a lot better in scans than in person. The colors are vague and muddy, it looks like soggy poorly done watercolor. It is an absolute waste of Tarot Deck money that could much better spent on a real classic, like the Miss Cleo.

That's right, you heard it here makes the Miss Cleo look very very good.
NO NO NO. It does NOT make Ms. Cleo look good. It's a lovely deck, that is completely unshufflable long skinny bar coasters. But Ms. Cleo? I don't think so!
Originally Posted by gregory
Well spotted - both by Kay Steventon.

And both decks are pretty much kind of purple.... I know what I mean, even if you all don't
I really cannot abide her decks. That whole "Abe Lincoln" thing in the wands suit of the Spiral. I mean, WTF? (though there are some other lovely cards..)

Had it. Sold it. YEARS and years ago.
Originally Posted by cardlady22
Well, this morning neither of these decks looks good. Did someone send me an astral dose of good sense?
I had a look at that Ananda deck - yeeeech.
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