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I'm looking at the card on the website. That statue has me baffled. I really can't figure out what it is or is supposed to be. Maybe Karen will help us out?

It does look like it was intended to hold a lamp, or something. (Lamp, illumination, enlightenment, learning.) If so, it is not fulfilling that function.
Agreed! Good call. And it would make an interesting connection between the Hierophant and the Hermit. The one seeking enlightenment from tradition, rules as well as the whole hierarchy that he's a part of, the other seeking it all on his own, no rules, no traditions, and no one above or below or even around him to consider.

Speaking of those that our Hierophant has to consider, there are indeed, three nuns on the website picture, but I can see where the third might have gotten cut off in the regular cards (I alas, have the regular deck). They do seem to be nuns, and one or two are glancing his way. They may not be quite what they seem, but as nuns they put more pressure on the Hierophant. First, because he's in charge and expected to set an example to the nuns and other religious folk working under him. So he's got that onus on him--if he doesn't obey and stick to the laws, how can he expect others to obey him and stick to the laws? Second, because it's likely that they'll tattle on him if he strays from tradition.

Originally Posted by swimming in tarot
At any rate, he looks like he's stuck in the middle of something--an intermediary, all right, but in this case not between God and man.
Hah! Good point! But in a way he is stuck between god and man, just in the wrong direction. He's supposed to pass god's words down to man. Instead he's got man's words and he's passed them on up to god (so to speak). god is saying "don't do it!" Now what?

Behind the Hierophant is a golden or brown roundish thing too small to be a papal crown.
I believe that is the knob atop the back of his chair. Like this only much, much shorter:

There is some kind of decoration on the column beyond him which I can't make out.
Religious statue?

You know, in most decks I usually don't connect to the Hierophant, especially one wearing church robes, but I really like this one. I think it's because I really feel like he's as aware of what's going on. As much as he can be, being merely human. And it troubles him. And in this deck where most humans aren't troubled or aren't aware enough to be troubled by what's going on around them, that's refreshing.
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