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Originally Posted by Thirteen

I think it might have to do with covering all the colors of magic and mystery and the moon. Those colors appear over and over again in this deck, especially in relationship to the Moon, water and blood, all inter-related. Teal is a mix of blue and green and so gives her some green. She essentially is wearing all the colors of magic.

I wonder what kind of leaves those are on her cloak. Anyone know?
It is very interesting.

Red like an element of blood and fire - wands
Green like an element of Eath and life, material world, The Sun - Coins
Yellow like an element of power of spirit, it is ether - Swords.
Blue - like an element of water, the Moon - Cups

Blue is also the element of wisdom and Death.
I see the same some mixture colors like green and blue mixed to marine color.
What is it? Mixture of wisdom and practice? Life and Death?

Purple, violet is an element of creativity and Death also.

Birds on her coat seemed to fly with their heads down. People say that Birds are souls of Dead people. They look like little swords. Yellow Birds like an element of spirit. What do you think?
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