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Originally Posted by Thirteen
I like that idea! It certainly goes with the big empty castle, the expensive oriental rug used as a tablecloth and such. I can see this Magician as the last of his once proud line, the remains of his family's former glory around him. That could be his family's signet ring on his finger, and the helmet might have belonged to some powerful ancestor. Or, better yet for our story, some magical, family protector.

Aren't there some great stories like that? The family has a magical, but dark protector that no one dares summon. Generations later, the last "prince," who isn't a fighter and has no way to restore the family name, studies up on magic so that he can call forth the protector and regain his family's power?
AHHH.. It is interesting. I think we got this card.

May be that child in yellow ether is Soul of his ancestor this Magician wants to resurrect.
Helmet and the Child's embryo is the same like magician Hat and Rabbit in it.

It is known that souls can be resurrected by means of God's ability after the last God's Court.
This magician do not want to wait and used his own alchemical abilities to resurrect the person.
In ancient time Magic interference with the divine nature was considered like something forbidden, like something from Devil.
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