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Originally Posted by Surja76
Helmet and the Child's embryo is the same like magician Hat and Rabbit in it.
I love that analogy! And I think you're right. I suspect that Karen and Alex meant exactly that and are laughing right now at the joke. Demon from the armored helmet instead of a rabbit from a hat! Brilliant! You can't get a more classic, Magician moment.

And it fits the meaning of the cards as well as its name! The idea that was in the Magician's head (the helmet) comes out, and it has the potential to be made real (smoke that's going to take some shape or other).

What I like is that what the Magician is getting smoke, not anything solid yet. I like it because it indicates the Magician's element (Air) and also because we feel that the smoke could take any shape; or it might vanish altogether. When we get the Magician card, we are only taking that first step to making an idea real. And in that first step it's still like a genie smoking out of a bottle--or a demon out of a helmet. We don't know what it's final shape will be, we don't even know if we're on the right track and it's going to take shape at all.

I suspect that we're also supposed to think of that saying, "Where there's smoke, there's fire!" This isn't always true, but if we rub two sticks together and get smoke, then maybe we're on our way to getting the fire. That smoke certainly tells our startled Magician that he's called forth something out of that helmet.
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