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Originally Posted by Surja76
Red like an element of blood and fire - wands
Green like an element of Eath and life, material world, The Sun - Coins
Yellow like an element of power of spirit, it is ether - Swords.
Blue - like an element of water, the Moon - Cups
AH-ha! I think you may have it. All four colors for all four elements...and Purple for the fifth, as Purple is also the color of the spirit. The fifth element.

And I don't think those are birds on her coat. I'm pretty positive that they're leaves. Maybe oak leaves? Oak was the tree of truth, and it's the "masculine" symbol to the pomegranate's feminine. Or perhaps the leaves are just standing for the tree of knowledge? She holds up that vial of blood much as Eve might have held the "apple." Or, on our case, the pomegranate as that, some say, was the real fruit that was eaten in Eden. It is a fruit of knowledge, life and death.

This would fit in with the meaning of the High Priestess. Our HPS holds up the vial which is the "fruit" and key to knowledge, life, death, power. She hasn't consumed it, and so isn't all knowing, yet she isn't as innocent as she was because she has the vial, understands what it is, and may consume it. And we're in that moment. That eternal pause between the pillars, the moment where Eve holds the fruit in her hand. That twilight place between dark and light where all elements and colors can meet.

That, to me, is very much the High Priestess card.
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