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Originally Posted by baba-prague
our intention with the gloves was to imply white Papal gloves.
The High Priestess is, after all, also La Papessa.
Ah! Nice tribute to the history of that card! Interesting that she is wearing them with a mix of colors as, according to the info there, the traditional Episcopal gloves are paired with the color of the robes according to the ritual--red gloves with red robes, white gloves with white robes (how fashionable )

But then La Papessa is, by her very existence, a rebel against the traditional. We're heading into Da Vinci Code territory there The idea Jesus meant women to be leaders of the religion.

I note that the info on the gloves says that they're never black and never worn in relationship to death. They're gloves of life and purity. Which makes an interesting contrast with that vial she's examining. In this deck, it has to contain the secret of death. Which brings me back to that in between place. Everything is kept separate and untouchable. The High Priestess in her cocoon of robes, the blood (?) in the vial. The Pillars. Nothing actually touches or mixes. It's all kept carefully separate for when the time comes to mix it.

And now I'm seeing those gloves as ones a lab assistant might wear as she handles specimens!
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