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Hierophant is the border and intermidiate between God and People. I think the room Hierophant is sitting is Confession Room, other people come here and share their sins with him. He released the name of God, these sins.
He seemed to have a ring on his ring-finger (But I am not sure).
I seemed to see the same Hierophant in the same pose with the same window which is looked like net, mesh or grille in one Movie.

The Ghost we see near his right shoulder with something like candle in hands. This Church candle means symbolizes that God is a thought priests, he is under Divine conduction.
This Ghost or statue is with closed mouth. The mouth is linked with piece of cloth.

I think the main subject of this card is Seal of Confession.
Any information this Priest will got in this room should be dead just here and with him.

In his right hand there is indulgence.

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An indulgence, in Roman Catholic theology, is the full or partial remission of temporal punishment due for sins which have already been forgiven. The indulgence is granted by the church after the sinner has confessed and received absolution.[1] The belief is that indulgences draw on the storehouse of merit acquired by Jesus' sacrifice and the virtues and penances of the saints.[2] They are granted for specific good works and prayers.[2]
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