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Originally Posted by magpie9
Oy, the Noblet.
If you're going to get a Marseilles, do yourself a favor and get one where Temperance isn't a Pinhead.
WELL, *I* always thought that the Noblet Temperance was just REALLY TALL.
As it 8-9 feet tall (243 to 274 cm, for you metric dweebs).

One more thing (in case anyone else is interested in this deck) - the cardstock isn't cardstock. It's like laminated cardboard. Will last into the 23rd Century because It's Completely Impossible to Shuffle and You'll Never Read With It.

You know how you can split a hard-to-shuffle in 1/2 and riffle the 2 halves separately?

Uh uh. Even *that's* next-to impossible. Even though it's a small deck!

And I dare not Umbrae the darned thing, because it's soooper speshul. Not to mention that it's already just under 1 inch high (exactly 3 cm), and since Umbraeing makes a deck even thicker, that's not really a possibility.

The only true shuffle for this deck is 78-card pick up.

ETA: and you can puncture your fingers on the corners!!! O.U.C.H.
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