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there is a skull on stones. Near the stone head I can see that something like the lamp. I think this person deprived of joy and light of life. I can see something like a snake on the rock of stones. This ambivalent character of Christianity. Maybe he was a victim of one's malice?
May be it was Hermit (lamp and snake) who dead with his own death near by favorite place. Stones like and element of frailty of our lives. Winter like the element of the end of the life and may be indication of the old man who dead from the oldness. I do not know, I am not sure ... May be it will be changed under following discussion.

I agree with you and I think it is Blood in two cups.
Winter - Death, Water source - Life.
It is winter and land is frozen but the water source is still not frozen. People say that blood is Hot. May be she try to heat the blood in order keep source of life been leaked in order to keep ballance in nature.
it is look like blood in our body that always is moved along artery from one side of the heart to another, this transfer is heating our blood. It helps us to keep our body under the certain temperature in order to stay alive.
If blood stop - our body will become cold.

But at the same time there is scientific statement that dead body can be kept for a long time and can be revived.
Or if the person is at the Coma state and his blood transfer is dependend from artificial respiration machine, which do not allow his body to become cold and stop his heart.

At the same time this girl in violet dress and red hear. May be it is an element of fatouma and variability of our lives and our state - from liquid to solid and vice versa. It is creative element of destiny that transfer our life from birth to the death and from death to the new birth.
It is mixture of soul and body. They are different in their structure but should be always in ballance not press each other.

What do you think?
Actually too many thoughts are in my mind I can not gather the only place for this card
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