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Originally Posted by Surja76
it is look like blood in our body that always is moved along artery from one side of the heart to another, this transfer is heating our blood. It helps us to keep our body under the certain temperature in order to stay alive. If blood stop - our body will become cold.

But at the same time there is scientific statement that dead body can be kept for a long time and can be revived....At the same time this girl in violet dress and red hear. May be it is an element of fatouma and variability of our lives and our state - from liquid to solid and vice versa....What do you think?
I think I'm blown away! What awesome observations!

Personally, I've never felt that the name "Temperance" worked all that well for this card. I've always identified it by its some-time-pseudonym Alchemy or Art. Your observations give it both that "chemistry" and "artistic-ness" that seem to be what the card really about.

But what I never thought of was how the moving of fluids pictured in any Temperance card might relate to fluids moving in the body, most especially blood from chamber-to-chamber in the heart. How perfect! Blood is, certainly, very much that symbolic mix of water and fire that the Angel is traditionally supposed to be mixing. And I think your connection of death/coma/winter is brilliant! I did notice that the pond's water isn't frozen. So we have frozen water and fluid water, life and death. Also stones and trees, living and unliving again. This card certainly suggests a season (winter) very strongly, unlike most of the other cards. I think we're supposed to think of seasonal changes and transitions.

I think you're right that this card does a lot to show that constant transition between states. Between frozen water and flowing, angel and mortal and demon (there's really no telling which the woman is), sky and earth, tree and rock. The woman is standing at a nexus between all these things, mixing that liquor between the cups, keeping it flowing. It exemplifies the idea of Temperance as always being in a state of flux or transformation.

It also occurs to me that in the winter, when the ground was hard, the dead were often buried under piles of stone. Maybe there are bodies under that pile of stone?
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