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In regards to the King of Pentacles,and it being in the body position, my book on the tarot says that there is workaholism involved, too much work, not enough study, discipline, etc. Disorganization, and poor management. It also means you may have to deal with a man who is being rude or dishonest, vulgar, soley interested in money, and then the body would symbolize the action you must take toward him. This person could be a bully, dictator, dullard, sexist bigot, stingy, plodding man. Also, this could indicate some part of your personality conscious or unconscious to you at this point. Were you drawn to the card, or were you repelled? If you were repelled it could be a part of your personality you don't want to face, or an action you regret having taken. Again an action would point to the body.

Hope this helps, by the way I use the Robin Wood deck and the book I looked this up in is "Tarot Plain and Simple" by Anthony Louis.
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