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1JJ Swiss; my first!

OK, you're going have to stop and seriously think about this one and - hopefully - are de-enabled along the way.

For some odd reason, they changed the French titles, which were just so much a part of it and put the titles in English. I don't know if, like me, you get irritated with Anglicised foreign decks. I want my Italians to speak Italian, my Rohrig to speak German, (and of course my RWS and Thoth to speak English) and my Swiss cards to speak French. So even if you do weaken and decide to buy it, you can't rush out this afteroon and buy it; some serious scouting around is needed. Otherwise you'll get a deck with only half the atmosphere.

Plus it such a quintessentially 70s deck. It seems somehow pointless to buy it now. You probably won't really use it (I don't; I just take it out to coo nostalgically over and remember heady 70s days and Tales of the Unexpected). The expression "you had to be there" springs to mind. It just seems pointless to be tracking one down in 2009. Trust me, Im a huge 1JJ fan, but the A.Italian, and some of the other historical reproductions (not necessary to name in this thread), win hands down for graphic/ reproduction quality and also readability...
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