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Have you ever thought that the reason you are so unhappy with all your other RWS decks is because there just isn't a good RWS? I mean, I understand the significance of the deck as far as the development of modern tarot and all that bla bla bla....but come one....the thing is UGLY! Doesn't matter how you dress it up, whether it's with oil paints or whatever, it's still going to be UGLY. You can always see scans on line if you need it for reference. But it's not like you are ever going to read with it! I mean how could it ever compare with the other more beautiful decks you have? I'm not about to tell you that you don't deserve a new deck, perhaps you do.....but if you've been through a lot lately then you need to be rewarded with something more interesting (and less ugly) than the Golden Rider. I could make some suggestions but it hardly seems appropriate to do it here

If you REALLY wanted this deck you wouldn't still be trying to get de-enabled, you'd have already ordered it. You don't want this deck and you certainly don't need this deck. Let it go
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