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Bohemian Gothic-The Star

The BG Star Card is interesting in its differences from other Star Cards, and even from other cards in this deck. By that I mean that there's nothing I can see right off in this image to suggest the more Gothic elements that appear in a lot of the other cards. No suggestion of vampires, ghosts, monsters, etc. There's not a skeleton or crypt in site

What we do see, common to the Star Card: a young woman, a Star and two streams of pouring water. The similarities more or less end there. The young woman has bared breasts, but she is not, as in the typical Rider-Waite card, naked. Nor is she, herself, pouring the water into a pool. Instead, it it being poured out from a fountain behind her. And there is only one star in the sky over her head rather than the usual seven.

So what elements does this card have? Some very interesting ones. The woman is wrapped in dark purple and blue drapery (spiritual, mystical, feminine colors). We get the feeling that she may be about to bathe, as these seem more like bath sheets rather than garments. We especially get this feeling given that her bare breasts. I don't think it's a stretch to imagine the twin fountains of water as symbolic of milk from those breasts. Her hands are laced atop her head, as someone might do who is gazing up at the sky. Her upward look is distant, thoughtful, contemplative.

Perhaps the most striking thing in the image is the fountain (or is it a bath? A shower?). There is an upper "cup" part with relief showing ribbons and a wreath of leaves and grapes and such. Animal heads jut from it and one, a ram's head, is pouring forth a stream of water. The other stream of water is likely pouring from the head of some other animal, but we can't see what it is.

This cup part is being held up by statues of men. There is a lower "basin" at the very bottom which we barely see. It seems to be balanced on ornate lion's feet. One of the men seems to be just holding up the top "cup" half, like Atlas holding up the world. The other man has a goat or maybe it's a deer/gazelle (?) over his shoulders.

The Star is a card about looking to the far future and taking your first step towards that future. It is a card of hope, healing. About finding food and water in the desert. A moment in life where you can bathe, refresh, and find peace before moving on. The Woman in the Star, who may be bathing, is typically seen as feeding the barren Earth and replenishing a pool of water.

I certainly see in this card that idea of a moment of peace, healing, cleansing, and re-fueling. A moment to think about where you're going or want to go, and how to get there. The fountain show images of abundance, of a potential feast, as well as water to wash and drink. The single star in the sky reminds us of how children wish on the first star they see in the night's sky. And the woman gazing up looks to be contemplating the far future.

What of the Star do you see in this card?
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