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Fascinating observations, as always, Surja!
Originally Posted by Surja76
But this success she linked, she locked on herself (hands locked on her head). She is blocked. She is fixed on herself only and she is self-sufficient or may be even selfishly.
Cool point about the hands. Interestingly, the first thing I thought when I saw those locked hands were how they better exposed the breasts. You don't mention them, but don't they, perhaps, run counter to your argument that she's both selfish and not interested in love or men? After all, she is, by raising her hands and not having the cloth up higher, offering her breasts as a kind of nourishment (or sexual gratification).

Far from being blocked, she has pretty well exposed that part of herself. She's quite naked and vulnerable there, and doesn't seem afraid or worried about it. Also, as she does not have water containers, like the Star does in the Rider-Waite deck, we pretty well have to say that the breasts symbolically stand for those. (I was, by the way, about to call the missing containers "jugs"--but that, in English, is vulgar slang for breasts as well as a word for, well, a jug).

On the other hand, the Rider-Waite deck does connect the Star card to Aquarius. So what you say about her refusing the men, love and such, makes a lot of sense. Aquarius is a card of pure mind. But I'm not sure this is a bad or depressing thing. Does a woman always have to be "open" to love and men in order to be giving, happy and good? Are there no cerebral women who can be happy, like so many men are, just thinking and dreaming and contemplating a better future for all mankind? Why does a woman HAVE to be connected to love and men in order to be fulfilled?

As Aquarius, she would be very much an independent and cerebral woman. Arms locked about her head, she keeps herself cut off from the men flexing their muscles and killing goats. No running around with Pan like the Moon Goddess there. Her mind is as high and far away as it can be, up among the stars, and she has no desire to bring it back down to Earth.

Also, although it looks like the water is splashing on her head, I don't think she's under it yet. It seems to be splashing down behind her into that lower basin. In the typical Star Card, however, the woman usually isn't the one receiving the water, rather she is the one providing it. Perhaps she isn't open to the divine, as you say, because she is, herself, the divine. Perhaps she is holding in her gifts until it's time to give them to someone?
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